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Owner's info
My name is Yoko Noda. I am president of Piano Service Noda Co., Ltd.
History of our company goes back to 1940's when my father, Sonosuke Noda, started production of pianos
and I, succeeding his business, have been engaged in reconditioning and selling used pianos since 1980's.
We have been exporting a large number of pianos to the United Sates, Canada, European countries and various countries in other areas of the world and enjoying favorable comments.
Our company has the latest state-of-the-art equipment, highly skilled engineers and well trained workers that work in cooperation to check all parts and perform elaborate work for the uppermost quality finish.

 (Reconditioning Upright Pianos)
(1) The body, whether a 2-pedal model or 3-pedal model, is repainted to provide, scratch free and a brand new like look.
(2) All metal parts such as pins, string, pedals and hinges are polished or replaced when necessary.
(3) All the action related parts such as hammers and dampers are carefully inspected.
Defective flange cords, tape, etc. are replaced, followed by detailed adjustment and inspection by our highly experienced engineers.
(4) The surfaces of keys, if dirty, chipped or cracked, are replaced with new ones.

 (Reconditioning Grand Pianos)
(1) Steps (1) to (4) for reconditioning upright painos are also applicable to grand pianos.
(2) It is possible to change the 2-pedal model into 3-pedal model to add the sustain function, if so desired.
(3) When the sound bord is excessively dirty or cracked, the entire bord is repainted or cracks are repaired with string removed.
In such case, pins and strings are replaced.

Piano Service Noda places the top priority on the quality control. Using our strict grading system, our engineers and workers keep endeavoring to achieve the "A" rank level with all pianos they work on.
We are convinced that our products would bring you satisfaction.
If you are interested in our pianos, contact us without hesitation.
Thank you for your attention and we are ready to be of your service.
Piano Service Noda Co.,Ltd.
227-2 , Wada-cho , Hamamatsu-city , Shizuoka pref , 435-0016 , Japan
Phone:+81-53-463-6557 Fax:+81-53-465-5796 E-mail:info@pianoservicenoda.com